Welcome Home Ministry

Welcome Home Ministry Mission:

To come alongside families in their broken circumstances, offering them hope and help in Jesus
by fully equipping them practically and spiritually for complete rehabilitation and victorious living.

What we are:

Our restorative residential facility is a program that comes alongside women and their children for up to 2 years, offering them a second chance at life by providing for them body, soul and spirit.  We provide for their practical needs with housing. In addition, we come alongside each individual with food, child care, and transportation needs, as well as teaching and training them in every day life skills. We address emotional and mental needs through counseling, along with teaching and training in everyday coping  and social skills.  Our program is biblically based and focuses on spiritually transforming lives by the power of the love of Christ in order to transition those we serve from a place of surviving to a place of thriving in society.  We want to turn consumers into producers!

Our Program:

Our program is broken into 4 six month progressive semesters that each resident needs to accomplish in order to move into the next semester. Each resident helps develop their own Individual Spiritual Plan (ISP) that is designed according to their needs and the needs of their children. This plan includes these objectives:
physical health
life skills

Did you know:

  • we get 5-7 referrals for housing a week
  • we have a 93% success rate

We are NOT:

  • an emergency shelter
  • a drug/ alchol rehab program
  • a Domestic Violence Shelter

Office hours & contact information:

  • we are open Monday through Thursday 11 am to 4 pm
  • phone number: (817)202-8408
  • we return all phone calls during our normal business hours

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

WHM House Manager: Paige Martin


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