Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry Mission:

To serve and provide opportunities within our community in order to build relationships and touch others with the love of Christ and the transforming power of the gospel; working toward city transformation by promoting unity and oneness of heart, to proclaim that we are a city of one King.

OM works to serve our community in a number of ways. We offer things such as:outreach

  • A Product Party (to showcase local businesses)
  • Couples’ Valentines Dinner (to honor local couples in their marriages)
  • Annual City On A Hill Festival [click to watch promo video]
  • Community Praise and Worship Night (to unite people of various denominational backgrounds)
  • Community bible studies (to nurture discipleship within the community)
  • Community trainings (to provide an opportunity for growth)
  • Neighborhood block parties (to build friendships within local neighborhoods)
  • Various acts of service within our parks & public areas (to give back to our community)
  • Prison ministry (to love even in the darkest places)
  • Street witnessing (to share the love of Jesus and message of hope through the gospel)

OM & Connections Coordinator: Liz Jordan



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