Welcome to the Biblical Counseling/Discipleship Ministry


Our Mission

To come alongside others and instill hope, healing and life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God; attacking the suburban poverty barrier of mental, emotional and spiritual instability.


Attacking poverty one person at a time!

Did you know mental, emotional and spiritual instability is the #1 cause of crime, domestic violence, drug addiction and homelessness?

This is why we also consider our free counseling services a poverty prevention program for our community.

BCDM comes alongside you to help identify your struggle and guide you to the scriptural principles that instruct and direct your walk of faith; to help you find healing from the past, give practical help today, and strive towards living victoriously tomorrow.

Counseling and discipleship go hand-in-hand. Sometimes a person needs discipleship to help them move forward in their life while another person might need some counseling as well as discipleship to grow to victory. We work with both men and women, all age groups, as well as families/couples. Our BCDM Director works to assess each client in order provide services specified to the needs of each individual case. Some of our services include:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Child Training/Parent Discipleship
  • Counseling for children
  • Family counseling/Discipleship
  • Discipleship Classes

About Our Service:

Our goal in counseling is to search out wisdom from God’s Word to address things that come up in counseling and encourage individuals through the hope that comes from relationship with the Father. All Crazy8 counselors are certified biblical counselors, not licensed therapists, who volunteer their time to us. Our services are free, but donations may be given to the ministry in an offering box inside our front door or through our website if you choose.

We help clients to foster their own relationship with the Lord through homework assigned during each counseling session that is applicable to their current circumstances. Homework is vital in the counseling process as it is our own intimacy with God that will bring healing, restoration, and peace; talking with a counselor alone will not bring change the way He does.

What our clients are saying.

When we started counseling, we were in a really rough place. There was a lot of pain and misunderstanding. We were both getting close to calling it quits. The first few sessions were hard work. A lot of our painful emotions surfaced and, I especially, had a lot of tears to shed. By about the third or fourth session, our communication had improved so much and we both felt so much closer. God has put his hand on these wonderful ladies and spoke on through them to bring life back into our relationship. Counseling has been such a blessing and saved our little family from such heartache.   

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