Ministry Begins

April 1, 2010

A “soft” start to the ministry: conferences, discipleship groups, counseling and housing all begin to be set up.

Established as a non-profit

March 1, 2011

Crazy8 Ministries is incorporated an our 501c3 is established.

Counseling Center established

June 1, 2011

We establish our first Counseling Center for women in summer 2011.

City On A Hill begins

May 12, 2012

Our first annual City On A Hill festival is launched in Burleson.

Housing Facility opens

June 1, 2012

Crazy8 opens our first housing facility and establishes the housing program for women.

Men’s counseling begins

March 1, 2014

Crazy8 beings to offer counseling for men in our counseling center.

Purchase of our original 5 acres

July 1, 2015

Crazy8 purchases our first 5 acre plot that will become the Main Campus of our Grounds in Joshua.

New housing opens

January 1, 2016

Our new housing facility for women, now called Jubilee, opens on the main campus site.

All Things New opens

November 1, 2016

Our resale shop, known as All Things New Resale, opens in Joshua.

New purchase of land

April 3, 2017

Crazy8 purchases a 3 acre adjoining plot, which becomes our Beulah.

Stay to Save

January 1, 2018

Our new phase of our housing program opens, the Stay To Save program.

2 Cleburne Campuses are acquired

March 1, 2018

Crazy8 acquires 2 new facilities in Cleburne, which become our North and South campus. We begin to house men.

North Campus opens

September 3, 2018

Renovations to the North campus are completed and this housing facility is opened.

Healing Prayer Room opens

April 1, 2019

Our Healing Prayer Room is opened.

South Campus opens

January 5, 2020

Renovations on the South campus are completed and the facility re-opens to house single men and women.

Purchased 4 Point Campus

January 21, 2021

Purchased to increase our capacity by 15-20 residents.