Welcome to the Biblical Counseling Certification Program (BCCP)

Our Biblical Counseling Certification Program teaches individuals how to come alongside others to help them identify their struggles and guide them to the scriptural principles that instruct and direct their walk of faith.

Our Mission

To equipped the BCCP students to help  clients find healing from the past, provide practical help for today, and tools to live victoriously tomorrow.




Biblical Counseling Certification Program Includes:


The Biblical Counseling Certification Program (BCCP) is delivered through our Canvas online learning portal and consists of 5 separate courses. These courses consist of classroom teaching videos, audio, feedback on assignments, and observational hours.


Course 1 : Counseling Basics

3 videos plus 7 additional assignments

Course 2 : How to Use Scripture to Counsel

3 videos, plus 8 additional assignments; to purchase: 1 book, 1 audio

Course 3: Biblical Healing

4 videos, plus 5 additional assignments; to purchase: 3 audios

Course 4: Family Counseling

3 videos, plus 6 additional assignments: to purchase: 1 book

Course 5: Inner Healing/Deliverance

videos, plus 5 additional assignments; to purchase: 1 book

Program Time Period and Fees:

Crazy8 Intern program fee is $500. Each student has 1 year from their launch date to complete the entire program at their own pace. All students will receive a signed Crazy8 Ministries Biblical Counseling Certificate of completion upon finishing the program.

Crazy8 Interns are students interested in becoming a volunteer counselor at Crazy8 Ministries and are committing to be available to counsel for 1 year upon certification completion.


What is the cost of the Crazy8 Ministries BCCP?

The cost for the Crazy8 Ministries BCCP is $500. This administrative fee includes coursework feedback, supervision, and quarterly in-person training.

How long is the Crazy8 Ministries BCCP?

Interns have one (1) year to complete the online coursework.  Once the coursework is completed, the second year commitment involves observation, supervision, and being available to co-counsel and/or lead counsel with community clients.

What does the Crazy8 Internship involve?

Crazy8 Internship consists of attending Crazy8 Ministries BCCP continuing education training (quarterly), becoming a volunteer counselor at Crazy8 Ministries, and committing to be available to counsel for 1 year.

    What if I am not interested in becoming a Crazy8 Intern?

    If you are not interested in becoming a Crazy8 BCCP intern you can always complete an independent program through Lisa-Schwarz.com.

      I work a full time job, will I still be able to complete the Crazy8 BCCP?

      Yes! All the coursework is completed online at your own pace through Canvas.   Our counselor trainings are quarterly on a Saturday.  There are opportunities for evening and weekend counseling available.

      Is the Crazy8 BCCP accredited?

      The BCCP program has been used in private practices and other non- profit ministries. However, at this time, the program is not accredited. 

      Is a Crazy8 Internship is right for you?

      Click the link below to set up a time to talk with our ministry director to see if a Crazy8 Internship is right for you!

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