biblical counseling certification program BCCP c8m

The Biblical Counseling Certification Program consists of 5 separate courses. There are classroom teaching videos in each course of the program. They are each 30 minutes or less.

  • Course 1 – 3 videos plus 7 additional assignments
  • Course 2 – 3 videos, plus 8 additional assignments; to purchase: 1 book, 1 audio
  • Course 3 – 4 videos, plus 5 additional assignments; to purchase: 3 audios
  • Course 4 – 3 videos, plus 6 additional assignments: to purchase: 1 book
  • Course 5 – 2 videos, plus 5 additional assignments; to purchase: 1 book

Assignments, including files to download and responses to be uploaded as well as required reading, some observational as well as training videos, audios. Click here to see the Teaching Overview of the program.

Program Time Period and Fees

The cost of the complete program is $1300. This includes a $300 admin fee (due upon enrollment) plus $200 per course (5 courses). If you choose the Crazy8 Intern track, you will only be charged for the admin fee.

The program launches the first of each month which means each student enrolled will begin the first of the following month. For example, if you enroll June 13th, your start date would be July 1st. Each student has 1 year from their launch date to complete the entire program at their own pace. Remember, all courses must be purchased and completed within the 1 year period.

All students will receive a signed Crazy8 Ministries Biblical Counseling Certificate of completion upon finishing the program.

There are 2 tracks for the program: one for Crazy8 Interns and one for Independent Students.

Crazy8 Interns are students interested in becoming a volunteer counselor at Crazy8 Ministries and are committing to be available to counsel for 1 year upon certification completion.

If you are interested in seeing if a Crazy8 Internship is right for you, contact Kelly Rogers.


Independent Students are those interested in becoming equipped in biblical counseling for their own purposes.

For general questions about the program, contact Kate Megill.